About us

BenzMechanik is a mid-sized company which is specialized in manufacturing high precise mechanical products for high end industrial applications.
We develop and manufacture customized industrial PCs and displays for the usage in harsh industrial environments. Typical areas are e.g. food industry, medical industry or military.

The company BenzMechanik has been founded in 1994 and has a long term experience in assembling a manufacturing customized PCs.

The using of newest 3D-CAD software allows us to consider customer requirements from the beginning of a project which reduces the overall development time and project costs.
Our customers appreciate our flexibility, fast response time and quality specially in designing prototypes. Besides the production and qualification of prototypes we also offer services for assembling and production of small and mid-size product series.
We only use high quality industrial proofed components in our industrial PCs and displays, which guarantees long term availability and reliability of our products.